Official shows:
Sunday 27/9-09
Club: Bergen Selskaps og Brukshund Klubb
Judge: Brenda Banbury
Results: 1.UK 1UKK resCAC 4. best male CAC

Critique: Good head planes and balance. Good neck, shoulders, rib, angulation, tail and coat. Good neck and head carriage. Moved ok. Excellent.

Saturday 26/9-09
Club: Norsk Belgisk Fårehund Klubb avd. Hordaland
Judge: Laura Vassallo
Results: 2.UK

Critique: 19*(*obviously that's incorrect, I probably said the wrong age..) month male, scissor bite. Lacking 2 P1. Medium sixe young male in good condition of coat. Strong in head. Pronounced stop. Slightly rounded forehead. Zygomatic arches pronounced, wide set ears, good neck, withers and the topline, sloping croup. Medium angulation rear and front. Excellent chest and forechest. Good bone. Tail well carried. Flicks froont feet. Excellent temperament and presentation.

Sunday: 2/8-2009
Club: Norsk Tibetansk Terrier Klubb
Judge: Natalja Nekrosiene
Results: 2.UK

Saturday 1/8-2009
Club: Norsk Myndeklubb
Judge: Carl-Gunnar Stafberg
Results: 1.UK 1.UKK HP

Club: Moss og Omegn Hundeklubb
Judge: Benny Blid von Schedvin
Results: 1.UK 1.UKK HP

Sunday 31/5-2009
Club: Norsk Belgisk Fårehund Klubb
Judge: Benoit Thevenon
Results: 1.UK 2.UKK

Critique: Complete scissor bite, g. proportions, exc. eyes in shape/colour. Mid l. ears a little wide carried with large basements. Very good scull, stop a little bit marked, exc. muzzle, // just. Very g. proportions, exc. topline, croup is sloopy, exc. chest, correct bones. Shoulder a little straight, very g. back angulation. Good movement, could have more amplitude in backlegs.

Saturday 30/5-2009
Club: Norsk Belgisk Fårehund Klubb
Judge: Bente Harlem
Results: 2.UK

Critique: 17 months old. Scissorbite. missing 2xP1. Good size, good length of head, somewhat heavy and deep skull, too pronounced stop and rounded skull area. Well split mouth. Good pigments. Black almond-shaped eyes which are placed somewhat far apart. Well placed ears, could have wished them to be somewhat smaller. Good neck, good loin, somewhat drooping croup. Well angulated behind, acceptable in front. Elbows somewhat turned out. Good bones, good paws, nice side movement, paddles in front. Would like a somewhat straighter tail.

Saturday 21st March 2009
Club: NKK
Judge: Carlos Fernandez-Renau
Results: 2AUK

Nice dog, still very immature. I would prefer better head and expr. Needs more body & settled down at the move. Needs time.

Sunday 1st March 2009
Club: Nordhordland Hundeklubb
Judge: Lizbeth C. Liljeqvist
Results: 1JK 1JKK Honour Prize

Very good type, masculine male in development. Well shaped head, somewhat large ears. Nice eyes, bite ok but missing (*here it should say 2xP1). Correct neck and topline, good croup, enough bones for size, needs a little more body. Moves with correct length of gait, but still loose in elbows. Excellent coat quality.

Sunday 25th feb. 2009
Club: Ølen - Etne - Vindafjord Hundeklubb
Judge: Ilona Onstenk-Schenk
Results: 1JK 1JKK Honour Prize

14 month square body, rather long head*, nice dark eyes, strong muzzle, ears set rather good, nice big teeth, medium boneset , good feet, could have more muscle in front. Good movement for age.

*Pretty sure the person writing messed up here, the English was terrible (I had to head back in to get the critique interpreted)

Saturday 8/11-2008
Club: Fitjar-Stord Hundeklubb
Judge: Gunnar Jensen
Results: 1.JK 1JKK

Male of very good type. Good skull muzzle, nice planes. Correct bite. Well filled out cheeks(?). Ok neck, good back, somewhat falling croup. Ok angulations in back, shoulders somewhat "shot forward", good underline, good bones. Moves a bit insecurely in the ring and therefore does not move at full stride. Good coat, colour.

Saturday 27/9-2008
Club: NBFK avd. Hordaland
Judge: Hana Pisarcikova
Results: 1JK 1JKK resCAC 2nd best male CAC

9 m old, sciss bite, miss 2x P1 upper. M. long head, skull is domed,
headline not parallell, muzzle well filled out. Beautif. dark eyes.
Wideset ears which should be more triangular. Very n. neck, v.g. chest for
age, g. topline, still good ang. in front and rear for age, easy movem.
but cross over in front. Needs to be more firm in front. Nice coat
quality. Friendly pers.

Sunday 28/9-2008
Club: BSBK
Judge: Hans Müller
Results: 1JK 1JKK

Correct size and prop. Topline a little round. short croup. Good bones.
Correct angulations, parallell front. Correct head. Bite ok. Dark eyes.
Running a little sideways.
Luno and judge Ove Germundsson when Luno became BIS3 puppy
Club: Moss og Omegn Hundeklubb
Moss 27.07-08
Puppyshow 6-9 months
Result: BOS
Judge: Gunnar Jensen NO

Male puppy, well cut head, slightly round skull, nice dark eyes. Correct bite, nice placement of ears, ok neck, slightly falling croup, ok angulations behind, front somewhat "shot forward"*, good movements from the side, slightly loose in front. Good coat and colour.

*sorry for my crappy English here, not quite sure how to translate that.

Club: Norsk Blodhundklubb
Moss 26.07-08
Puppyshow 6-9 months
Place: 3 BIS Puppy!
Judge: Ove Germundsson SWE

7 month male of right type. Wonderful head/expression. Correct eyes/ears. Excellent neck/back/tail and proportions. Very well-formed front and chest. Excellent angulations and movement. Fantastic temper. Excellent coat. Promising in every part.

Club: NBFK avd. Rogaland
Hemsedal 11/05 2008
Puppyshow 4-6 months
Result: 2/2
Judge: Cath Bond UK

5 months, entire male. Scissor bite. Tall ears, wide at base and a little wide set. Med. length head, a little heavy. G. parallels and good stop. Exc. dark almond shaped eyes. Med. length neck, g. square shape. Ok front and rear movement. Side movement a little erratic. He has a tendency to carry his tail a little high.

Club: NBFK
Hemsedal 10/05 2008
Puppyshow 4-6 months
Result: 2/2
Judge: Anne Lipscombe UK

5 m. male. Of very good character. Dark eye, very nice shape. Muscle, shorter in lenght than previous dog. Lips a little loose. Ears good shape, set a little wide. Bodyshape overall a little immature. A little close behind. Tail of good length. Promising!