October 7. 2011: Welcome to our latest addition, Nizhoni's Timeless Design 'Jolie'. I have created a page for her, updated the links a bit, and made a few updates around the site. There is still plenty to be done, and hopefully I will have time to update other sections soon.

May 8. 2011: I've added a new guestbook as there were some problems with the old one.

May 7. 2011: We have gotten a new address as I received the final approval of my kennelname, Cor Lunare, last month. I've also added several new links, and I will update with more later. The gallery isn't quite up and running yet, but I'm getting there =). I've also made a new blog as the old one unfortunately was down more often than not.

December 18. 2010: Finally an update; a new layout, a few changes on Nemi's pages including health results and I've also added lots o lovely Chirstmas cards, thank you everyone! =)

March 23. 2010: Added two new links.

March 20th 2010: Added several videos of the dogs (and their friends). These can be accessed from the gallery.

March 19th 2010: Lots of updates in the gallery, photos from 2009 and 2010. Also added a new link.

February 15th 2010: Fixed the links on the dogs' page.

February 13th 2010: Nemi, the newest member of the family, has gotten her own page. Also rearranged the menu and the dogs' page, added a link to Nemi's father, V'Izmir du Puy d'Aura, and added Dibah's pedigree.

December 21st 09: Added seven new cards, thank you everyone =)

December 16th 09: Added several new cards, thank you =)

December 12th 09: Added some more Christmas cards, thank you everyone =)

December 10th 09: Luno is 2 years old today! Happy birthday to him and the rest of the CdT L-litter! I've added a lovely card at the front page from Grethe and Luno's sister Lotta; thank you so much =) I will update the Christmas card page tomorrow.

December 9th 09: Added a new page for Christmas cards (thank you =)) and two new links. Also added our own card at the front page (in Norwegian though).

November 3oth 09: Added two links, new show results, Luno's mental description (with video) and herding instinct test (these can also be accessed from Luno's page), and I also added some winter decorations =)

June 12th 09: Added a link to Tuppetroll (Helene, Mia, Minnie and Ace).

June 10th 09: Added a link to Kennel Kvina.

June 6th 09: Added a link to Maggan, Tuva and Chippen. New showresults w/ critiques, plus photos from the breed speciality at Hemsedal and from the local Spring agility competition coming soon...

May 11th 09: Added a link to Therese and Rina (Tendance B'Golden Gift).

04-Apr.09: Added new show- and eye-results, in addition to some of my favourite photos in the gallery, from January through March.

04.Mar.09: Added new showresults and updated the link to Luno's sister and half-sister Leda des Champs du Trêfle and Eternity's Yndra.

22. Feb. 09: New layout, added new showresults (can be accessed from Luno's page), and most importantly have added Luno's x-ray results; he is free of both hip and elbow dysplasia =)

05.01-09: Added a new link and lots of new pictures in the gallery.

25.12-08: Added a new Christmas card, thank you =)

19. 12-08: Added a link to Luno's sister Leda (Quila). Also added another card yesterday, thank you =)

17.12-08: Added a few more Christmas cards here (new cards at bottom of page) =)

12.12-08: We've received some Christmas cards so added those to the gallery. Thank you.

10.12-08: Luno is one year today! Congrats both to my little troll and the rest of the L-litter =)

8.12-08: Added some new links.

30.11-08: New layout, lots of new (and almost new) pictures added in the gallery, also readded the link to Luno's halfbrother Zolo (both the link and some photos went missing from the site a little while back, probably my fault as I am an expert in messing up anything that can (and seemingly can't) be messed up when it comes to technical stuff ;))