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Born: December 10th 2007
Owner: Eli Andrea Foss Baldersheim
Breeders: Lars and Randi Asper
Father: WW-08 SW-08 Emmabourne Moonshadow
Mother: Betty de Bruine Buck

The house felt very empty December 07 when we lost our lovely girl Dibah. To suddendly be without a dog after 17 years with felt very strange, especially when our last one meant as much as she did. The only thing that seemed to help was looking at puppypics. Three days after we had to bring Dibah to the vet for the last time, eight beautiful little puppies were born at kennel Champs du Trêfle. We  talked to Randi and agreed to visit them when they were four weeks old, and needless to say we were completely charmed! The timing was perfect as well; we had time to grieve before getting a new dog in the house and we were therefore more than ready when we brought home a wonderful male puppy a few days before he became nine weeks old.

Luno is my 'happy pill with fur', he never fails to cheer me up if ever my mood is down. He's a genuinely happy boy who still adores both dogs and people. So far we've tried our hands (and paws ;)) at a few different things, he's passed his herding instinct test in Sweden (unfortunately unofficial in Norway), done a little bit of tracking and we also attended a class in searching. The main focus however is Agility, which he absolutely loves. Now we'll just have to see if I can get up my nerve and actually enter some trials next year =))
Luno's pedigree:
WW-08 SW-08 Emmabourne Moonshadow:
Betty de Bruine Buck:
Thank youl Merete Greaker and Carin Lyrholm for permission to use the Shadow and Betty photos.
Hips: A / Elbows: A (free)
Eyes: Suspected cortical cataract