The dogs:

Luno des Champs du Trêfle
NORDJV-10 Nemi des Champs du Trêfle
Black Hawkwind's Dibah


Hemsedal 2008 day 1
Hemsedal 2008 day 2

Fun and games:

Luno's gardening 101
Luno and project chewbone
Luno, Nemi and the battle for the pink rope
Luno and Rina New Years 2009
Luno and Felix
Luno and Nemi


NKK Rogaland 2010
Sommer 2010 part 1
Sommer 2010 part 2

Courses and tests:

Weekendcourse searching
Handlerclass w/ Hugo Quevedo
Herding instinct test - Luno
Christmas cards 2008
Christmas cards 2009
Christmas cards 2010